When Home Birth Goes Wrong…


It’s amazing how one traumatic experience in life can change you and your perspective on things. This is the birth story of my sweet Liam Douglas who was born at home on July 20, 2014 at 5:53 AM.

I started having contractions on Saturday that started around 12 in the morning. They were not anything that I thought strong enough to keep count of nor was I thinking that they would continue throughout the whole day, but that’s exactly what they did. I went about my day as normal, and we went over to my parents house that night to celebrate my Grandpa’s birthday. The thought of having Liam on my Grandpa’s birthday crossed my mind. How neat would that have been?!? Only missed it by a few hours šŸ˜‰

Once we arrived home from my parents house, and put both the girls to bed, things started progressing. I texted my midwife, Rosemary Thornton, that contractions were 7 min apart and lasting 48 seconds. She decided that it was probably time to head down this way. I let my parents know and my friend, Samantha, about what was going on and to come over whenever they wanted to. I think that labor truly started around 8:15 Saturday night. I did take 4 tbsp of Castor oil this time as well since the contractions were staying so consistent. I was tired. I had not slept at all the night before and I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to sleep at all that night either.

The contractions stayed at either 4,5,or 6 min apart never getting any closer to each other but REALLY intensifying. Liam was still posterior so I had a lot of lovely back labor with him. Finally around 5:15 the contractions got stronger, closer, and I felt like pushing. This labor was by far my hardest! He was still posterior while I was pushing and finally decided to flip himself around right before he was born. Our little 8 lb. 11 oz. boy came into the world at 5:53 AM.


It was a difficult and long labor and delivery but after giving birth at home they settled me on the couch with little Liam and all seemed well until…

I had began bleeding and losing a lot of fluid. I needed to get to the bathroom because I started to bleed quite a bit and I ended up passing out while I was on the toilet. The midwife, Rosemary Thornton, gave me oxygen as she was checking my vitals, trying to figure out whether I was just fatigued or if it was something more serious. But after a while of trying to get me to perk up it became clear that I was going into shock, and needed an ambulance. I was in and out of consciousness and she had a difficult time finding my vitals. Many prayers were being lifted to the Lord. As soon as the paramedics came and got an IV in my arm I started coming out of it a bit.

I was taken to the nearest hospital and found out that I had many and some large blood clots (which they determined I am prone to and will get worse with each pregnancy – hence why I have had a lot of bleeding and cramping in the past after giving birth – thankful to know this now). IĀ  went into surgery almost immediately when I arrived there for a D and C. They were concerned with my blood count. I lost 1,000 cc of blood, and ended up having a blood transfusion (2 bags of blood) on Sunday night.


So thankful that Ruben and Liam were able to stay the night at the hospital with me. Now I am on the road to recovery, and honestly feeling so good. I need to watch my lifting and make sure that I take it easy these next few weeks. I am so thankful for my church family and the love and support that they have shown me and my family during this time, my parents for taking my girls for me so that I can get the rest that I need to start feeling better soon, and my husband for being there for me through it all. He has been such a help to me and I am so, so blessed to have him.

Ruben and I were talking about this whole situation the other night. The Lord puts us through trials like this just to show us how good we really got it. We are so blessed! You don’t realize how good you really have something until it is almost taken away from you. This was one of the scariest days of my life, and I did think at one point that this was it… I am not going to make it. BUT I am thankful. Beyond thankful that the Lord choose to spare my life that day.


And I am ever so grateful for our newest addition to the Rabbitsauce family. He is such a gift and blessing to me and I can’t thank the Lord enough for the healthy little boy He has given to us.

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  1. BlessedMama says:

    Congratulations! He is a handsome young thing! Your girls look like they are in love šŸ˜€
    Prayers for you & your family as you recover… {{hugs}}

  2. I’m so sorry you went this, but so glad you are okay! That must have been scary, and it reminds me of my last when I had several blood clots, but thankfully the Lord pulled me through without having to go to the hospital. Could you tell me how they determined you are prone to this–was there a test or something, or just because you had this happen?

    • They determined that I was prone to it after it had happened. The doctor said that with each pregnancy it was going to get worse, so I am not able to have home births anymore. I guess I had it with Anya and Olivia and no one caught it then. This only happens to 5-10% of pregnant women, I just happen to be one of those lucky ones šŸ˜‰

  3. Oh Amber, what an ordeal! Praise the Lord for His mercies, and for good medical help. This must have been very scary, but I am so very glad that you were held tightly in the Lord’s hands! So, now in the aftermath, you have so much reason for JOY! Liam is just precious, and I say, “Welcome, dear one! You will be greatly loved!”

    Rest easy, Amber, and enjoy the wonder of God’s creation, and the tremendous gift of children.


    • Thank you!!! I am so, so, so thankful to The Lord for His hand of protection on me that day, and the amazing medical staff that took such good care of me. It is so good to have my little Liam here, and we are savoring every moment we get with him :) such a blessing! Have a beautiful weekend and blessings to you and your family!

  4. Charlotte Moore says:

    What an ordeal. Thank the LORD for HIS healing touch. So glad it is better now. He is precious indeed and the girls look thrilled.

  5. I’m so happy for you! on all accounts, you’re still being with us all (especially your family) and the wonderful north of your newest addition, Liam! šŸ˜€

    • Thank you! I am truly thankful to be here and the Lords hand of protection over me that day. Hope you have a beautiful weekend :)

      Blessings to you and your family <3

  6. Jessica Fox says:

    Oh, Amber! So thankful he is here, and you are okay! How scary that must have been. He is gorgeous, and truly a blessing from The Lord. Take care!

  7. Congratulations! That is very scary! Please rest, take care of you and Liam. I’m so glad you have a wonderful mom to be there for you and your sweet little girls.

  8. Wow! So scary! I am thankful you and your little love are safe!! Many blessings to you and enjoy those baby snuggles. :)

  9. Bless your heart! Such a beautiful boy-child and a frightening time. It’s good they were able to get you to the hospital to deal with the issues. What a sweet attitude to thank God for the good. I hope you can cuddle down and just enjoy the new addition. I enjoyed the pictures of that sibling love! ~Pamela

    • Thank you! It was a truly frightening time, but The Lord surly had His hand of protection over me that day. I have been enjoying my little man and savoring the moments I get with him <3 have a beautiful weekend!

      Blessings to you!

  10. Conratualtions on your sweet boy! I am sorry you had to endure so much difficulty but rejoicing with you that the Lord both preserved and protected you through it all. Thankful your sweet baby is healthy and you are praising God after the journey.

  11. Congratulations Amber on your third addition ! May the Lord give you more grace to be an excellent mother of 3 !

  12. Congratulations on your newest bundle of joy. Ugh, I dislike hospital visits for any reason. May the Lord give you strength and grace to nurture your 3 precious ones, Amber !

  13. What a blessing that your child is here and you are healing…. such a scary time. Thank you for sharing this. :)


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