32 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #3?


So, I had a midwife appointment last Wednesday, and as my midwife was measuring me she looked at me and asked if I could be a month off on my due date. I know I am definitely not a month off, but it would not surprise me if I was at least 1 or 2 weeks off on my due date. I would be totally ok to be a few weeks off to be honest ;) Now I am so confused as to when this little guy will be making his appearance into the world, but trusting in God’s timing.

Liam also decided to drop this past week! Uh-oh :)

My iron levels were low *not shocked* as they always are when I am pregnant. I have been taking Blood Builders as my Iron supplement and B-12 to help with proper red blood cell formation. For prenatal vitamins I am taking Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins. Yes, I know… Gummy vitamins. I’m not too great at swallowing vitamins when I am pregnant. They leave such a weird taste in my mouth and make me sick.

Started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea from Bulk Herb Store to help get ready for labor…

I have found a few things that seem to aid in my heartburn/acid reflux situation. I have started taking Papaya Enzymes after each meal to aid in digestion. Cutting my eating off at 7 seems to help some days, or having smaller meals throughout the day works too. I am loving my exercise ball SO much at the moment too, and trying to remember to do some of my stretches on it to help with back pain. Spinning babies is a great website to help you get baby ready for birth.

I finally caved in and bought Liam some Aden and Anais swaddle blankets! I have heard such amazing reviews for them and I thought since he was going to be born in the summer months it would be a nice blanket to cover him. I think we are basically set for Liam… just need diapers ;) I did start to order my birth kit for our home birth! It was super easy this time since I hardly used any of the stuff in Olivia’s birth kit. Just had to restock a few items :)

It has been so different getting ready for this little guy. I feel like we hardly did anything to prepare for his arrival! It has been such a blessing to be ready and not worry about much this time around. I am so anxious and excited to meet this little guy. It will be fun to have a little boy in our house.

Time to go sneak an oreo cookie ;)

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  1. says

    That’s exciting that your little one may be here sooner than you think! I am 39 weeks right now and just dropped. It’s my first though so I’m anticipating being pregnant a while longer.

  2. jenn says

    Gummy vitamins are the best. I can’t swallow the regular prenatals either. I took the CVS brand throughout my pregnancy and still 11 weeks pp.

  3. says

    i’m 33 weeks pregnant with our third, too! and, ya, i totally haven’t done a thing. funny how it’s so much different that first pregnancy. ;)


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