1 Month Update

1MonthUpdateHow can Liam be a month old already? The weeks and days seem to be a blur lately. Chasing after two very active little girls, and caring for a newborn probably has attributed to how fast time seems to be going. Our little man is an eating machine. We are feeding him 4 oz bottles every two to three hours…sometimes more! He is now in 0-3 month clothes, weighs 10 lbs, and has moved to size 1 diapers.

Liam is a little cuddle bug. He loves to be held! He will fall asleep while we are holding him and then as soon as we set him down he wakes up and starts screaming. I have learned that the sound of the Vacuum makes him fall asleep, or we will use the Beco Gemini to carry him around.

Sleep? What’s that?!? Just kidding. Ruben and I have been taking turns getting up and feeding the little guy which helps immensely. He still wakes us up every two to three hours at night, but he usually goes back down after he eats. Sometimes we need to sit on the exercise ball and bounce him to sleep {Can’t vacuum at 2 in the morning ;)}.  Liam eats way more then either of our girls ever did. I thought Olivia ate a lot… this kid takes the cake. He also spits up a lot, but definitely not worse then my Anya did.


Best moments this month: He has had his eyes open a lot more, smiling in his sleep, and the little baby sounds he makes when he is sleeping. He also got his first bath this month and LOVED it! I think Liam looks a lot like Anya did as a baby, it will be fun to see who he is going to look like as he grows.


♥Happy 1 Month Little Guy♥


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    Happy 1 month to you and Liam! Although my hands aren’t as full as yours quite yet, I remember the quick passing of time especially in those first months. I remember being so busy with the absolute frequent needs of Baby Boy and his newness in the world, days went by without my fully realizing it. Still today sometimes it’s like that, but there are also many breaks :)
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