Capture Your Journey Link Up #48

Happy Tuesday Night! Hope that you all have had a wonderful day. I wrote a update post yesterday about the kids and added some pictures of Liam. Top Three Posts From Last Week: 1. Current Beauty Favorites From A Non-Beauty Blog 2. 5 Budgeting Tips To Save You Money 3. My Week and What I Wore Monday #1: A Grey Day   Now it’s your turn! Link up below with your own capture your journey post or link up with {Read More}

Happy 6 Months Liam & A Update!

Liam 6 Months 02

Wow, 6 months already? My handsome “little” man is half a year old. Crazy! I have not weighed him… but I do know that he is doing just fine gaining weight and eating. It’s funny because I worried so much with the girls about them getting enough food, but with Liam, well the thought never even crosses my mind. He is such a happy, content, easy baby. Liam has started rolling over. I miss those days when you could leave {Read More}

For The Busy Mom!


There aren’t enough hours in the day, right? With work, helping the kids with their homework, preparing meals, cleaning up after everyone and putting yet another load of laundry on, there’s very little time for sleep – let alone DIY and crafting! But do you look at that bare wall in the den and that tatty tablecloth on the kitchen table, and just wish you had a few hours to do something about them? Or do you browse through those {Read More}

Capture Your Journey Link Up #47

Capture Your Journey Link Up

This week was a super exciting beginning to my Photography business. I had my first family photo session! It was amazing practice for me, and I loved getting to try out different ideas that I had. I know of a few things that I would do differently next time but that’s the fun of this practice period. What I am most excited about is the weather warming up. I can’t wait to take pictures outside! Here are the top three {Read More}

Capture Your Journey Link Up #46

Capture Your Journey Link Up

So, my pictures for this week are brought to you by my Instagram! I have been working on some other things this week and have not had much time to take pictures with my DSLR. I came up with a business name for my photo studio, bought domains for it, and now I am working at learning more about how to use my camera, and doing some practice shots of friends and family. I am saving up money to start an {Read More}

Capture Your Journey Link Up #45

Capture Your Journey Link Up #45

Happy New Year everyone! Hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas. So, for Christmas, my sweet husband surprised me with a GoPro Hero 4. I had been eyeing these video cameras up for quite some time and talked about them to Ruben. One thing that I have wanted to get back into this year was Vlogging and I have already made a few new videos on our YouTube channel. This camera is amazing and I hope to do {Read More}

2015 Capturing Life, Laughter, and Love

Do you take a LOT of photos with your phone? If you do, this year long challenge of 2015 is something you will want to participate in, as our focus will be to ‘Capture Life, Laughter and Love’ as you catalog it on Instagram – one of the top engaging social networks around. This year long challenge of 2015 isn’t just about you capturing the moments that matter to you, but a focus to grow a community of people who are learning to {Read More}

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!       **This Christmas card was made at Shutterfly** Like this:Like Loading…

Capture Your Journey Link Up #44

Capture Your Journey Link Up

Top Three Posts From Last Week: 1. Ballerinas and a Baby Boy 2. When God’s Will Changes Your Dreams 3. The Garden’s Gonna Die; People Think We Are Crazy… and I’m Excited! This weeks pictures are from a fun little photo shoot that I did with Liam and our Church Christmas party. I got a new background, pretty cream colored fabric, and a soft box. I wanted to give them a try with Liam, and here are the results: This {Read More}

Internet-Based Homeschool { Review}


I am really excited to be part of The Crew for 2015. This could not have come at a better time for me! We have been looking at different curriculums, and this is a great way to try some out and see what I like and what I don’t. For my first review I am going to be telling you all about an Online curriculum I received a Yearly Membership {Be sure to check out how to get 40-50% off {Read More}

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